Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Setting Environment Variables for dpconf

The dpconf command requires some options that you can preset by using environment variables. If you do not specify an option when using the command, or do not set the environment variable, the default setting will be used. You can configure environment variables for the following options:

-D userDN

User bind DN. Environment variable: LDAP_ADMIN_USER. Default: cn=Proxy Manager.

-w password-file

Password file for the user bind DN. Environment variable: LDAP_ADMIN_PWF. Default: Prompt for password.

-h host

Host name or IP address. Environment variable: DIR_PROXY_HOST. Default: localhost.

-p LDAP-port

LDAP port number. Environment variable: DIR_PROXY_PORT. Default: 389 if the server instance is running as root, and 1389 if the server instance is running as a regular user.

-e, --unsecured

Specifies that dpconf should open a clear connection by default. Environment variable: DIR_PROXY_UNSECURED. If this variable is not set, dpconf opens a secure connection by default.

For more details, see the dpconf(1M) man page.