Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

targetfilter Keyword

The targetfilter keyword is used in ACIs to target entries that match an LDAP filter. The ACI applies to all entries that match the LDAP filter and that are in the scope of the ACI. The targetfilter keyword uses the following syntax:

(targetfilter = "(standard LDAP search filter)")

Example 6–1 Using the targetfilter Keyword to Target Specific Entries

The following example is for employees with a status of salaried or contractor, and an attribute for the number of hours worked as a percentage of a full-time position. The filter targets entries for contractors or part-time employees:

(targetfilter = "(|(status=contractor)(fulltime<=79))")

The Netscape extended filter syntax is not supported in ACIs. For example, the following target filter is not valid:

(targetfilter = "(locality:fr:=<= Québec)")

The filter syntax that describes matching rules for internationalized values is supported. For example, the following target filter is valid:

(targetfilter = "(locality:2.16.840.1.113730.ébec)")

The targetfilter keyword selects whole entries as targets of the ACI. The targetfilter keyword and the targetattr keyword can be used together to create ACIs that apply to a subset of attributes in the targeted entries.