Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Displaying the Configuration of Directory Server Instance

To display the configuration of Directory Server instance, run dsconf info.

$ dsconf info -h host -p port
Instance path   :  instance path
Global State    :  read-write
Host Name       :  host
Port            :  port
Secure port     :  secure port
Total entries   :  20844

Suffixes        :  suffix-DN

Dest. Servers   :  host:port

On-Going Tasks  :  import
Finished Tasks  :  backup

Suffix suffix-DN

Replication role             :  master
Attribute to reindex         :  mail
Index filter analyzer        :  Running for suffix-DN (Nov 7, 2008 4:56:33 PM) 

The above output assumes that you have created suffixes, and replication agreements with the destination servers. It also displays the ongoing import operation and finished backup operation.

The above output also displays the suffix related information such as Replication role, Attribute to reindex, and Index filter analyzer. If no specific information is available, no such information is displayed in dsconf info output.