Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

ProcedureTo Back Up the dse.ldif File

When restoring a server, all the configuration data such as certificates, schema, and plugins must contain the same configuration information as when the server was backed up. The following task shows how to back up the dse.ldif file and the rest of the configuration information can be backed up in the same manner.

  1. Back up your dse.ldif configuration file.

    $ cp instance-path/config/dse.ldif archive-dir

    When you perform the following actions, Directory Server automatically backs up the dse.ldif configuration file in the directory instance-path/config.

    • When you start Directory Server, a backup of the dse.ldif file is created in a file named dse.ldif.startOK.

    • When you make modifications to the cn=config branch, the file is first backed up to a file named dse.ldif.bak in the config directory before the server writes the modifications to the dse.ldif file.