Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

ProcedureCreate a Data View For Company 22's Directory With a Virtual DN

  1. Create an LDAP data source for Company 22's directory.

    $ dpconf create-ldap-data-source company22-directory company22Host:2389
  2. Create an LDAP data source pool for Company 22's directory.

    $ dpconf create-ldap-data-source-pool company22-pool
  3. Attach Company 22's data source to the data source pool.

    $ dpconf attach-ldap-data-source company22-pool company22-directory
  4. Configure the weights of the attached data source.

    $ dpconf set-attached-ldap-data-source-prop -p 2389 \
    company22-pool company22-directory add-weight:2 \
    bind-weight:2 compare-weight:2 delete-weight:2 \
    modify-dn-weight:2 modify-weight:2 search-weight:2
  5. Create an LDAP data view for Company 22's directory with a virtual DN of dc=example,dc=com.

    $ dpconf create-ldap-data-view company22-view company22-pool dc=example,dc=com
  6. Instruct Directory Proxy Server to map this virtual DN to the real DN that is in Company 22's directory.

    $ dpconf set-ldap-data-view-prop company22-view \
  7. Enable the LDAP data view for Company 22's directory so that client requests can be routed to this data view.

    $ dpconf set-ldap-data-view-prop company22-view is-enabled:true
  8. Restart Directory Proxy Server for the changes to take effect.

    $ dpadm restart /local/myDPS