Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Configuring Directory Proxy Server To Perform Load Balancing

A simple case of load balancing consists of sending search and compare operations to one set of directories, and sending other operations to another set. Directory Proxy Server receives all client operations. The server must determine which set gets the reads, and which set gets the other operations.

    The key stages in configuring Directory Proxy Server to handle this load balancing scenario are as follows.

  1. Add directories as data sources for Directory Proxy Server.

  2. Add the data sources to a data source pool.

  3. Configure some of the data sources to accept search and compare, other data sources to accept add, bind, delete, modify, and modify DN operations.

  4. Add the data source pool to a data view.

The following example involves Directory Proxy Server, listening on port 9389. The proxy is configured here to balance the load as described across one Directory Server instance, ds1:1389, handling search and compare operations, and another Directory Server instance, ds2:2389, handling other operations.

The first step creates the data sources, and enables the data sources. This step requires a proxy server restart.

$ dpconf create-ldap-data-source -p 9389 ds1 localhost:1389
$ dpconf create-ldap-data-source -p 9389 ds2 localhost:2389
$ dpconf set-ldap-data-source-prop -p 9389 ds1 is-enabled:true
$ dpconf set-ldap-data-source-prop -p 9389 ds2 is-enabled:true
$ dpadm restart /local/dps

The second step adds the data sources to a data source pool.

$ dpconf create-ldap-data-source-pool -p 9389 "Directory Pool"
$ dpconf attach-ldap-data-source -p 9389 "Directory Pool" ds1 ds2

The third step configures ds1 to accept search and compare operations, ds2 to accept other operations.

$ dpconf set-attached-ldap-data-source-prop -p 9389 "Directory Pool" ds1 \
add-weight:disabled bind-weight:disabled compare-weight:1 delete-weight:disabled \
modify-dn-weight:disabled modify-weight:disabled search-weight:1
$ dpconf set-attached-ldap-data-source-prop -p 9389 "Directory Pool" ds2 \
add-weight:1 bind-weight:1 compare-weight:disabled delete-weight:1 \
modify-dn-weight:1 modify-weight:1 search-weight:disabled

The fourth step adds the data source pool to a data view, so that client application requests are routed to the pool.

$ dpconf create-ldap-data-view -p 9389 "Balanced View" "Directory Pool" \