Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade and Migration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Changes in the Administration Framework

Directory Server 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) does not include an administration server, as in 5.2 versions. Servers are now registered in the Directory Service Control Center (DSCC) and can be administered remotely by using the web-based GUI or the command-line tools.

To migrate to the new administration framework, you need to do the following:

Removal of the ServerRoot Directory

In the new administration model, a Directory Server instance is no longer tied to a ServerRoot. Each Directory Server instance is a standalone directory that can be manipulated in the same manner as an ordinary standalone directory.

Removal of the o=netscapeRoot Suffix

In previous versions of Directory Server, centralized administration information was kept in o=netscapeRoot. In the new administration model, the concept of a configuration directory server no longer exists. The o=netscapeRoot suffix is no longer required, and the netscapeRoot database files are therefore not migrated. The configuration data for this suffix can be migrated, if it is specifically required.