Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade and Migration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Manual Reset of Replication Credentials

dsmig does not migrate the password of the default replication manager entry (cn=replication manager,cn=replication,cn=config). Instead, the replication manager password is deleted. Therefore, whether you are using manual or automatic migration, you must reset the replication manager password manually.

To reset the replication manager password, use the following command:

$ dsconf set-server-prop -h host -p port def-repl-manager-pwd-file:filename
$ dsconf set-repl-agmt-prop -p port_master1 replicated_suffix \
master2:port_master2 auth-pwd-file:filename

Note –

The dsmig migrate-config command returns commands that must be launched to reset replication credentials properly.

In addition, dsmig does not migrate non-default replication manager entries. If a old version replica uses an entry other than the default replication manager, and if this entry is under cn=config, you must add the default replication manager manually. Please refer to the documentation to add a non-default replication manager entry manually. For information about adding a non-default replication manager, see Using a Non-Default Replication Manager in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.