Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Virtual ACI Definition

Virtual ACIs are defined by using the dpsaci operational attribute. The dpsaci attribute is multi-valued. This means that several ACIs can be defined for the same portion of a directory.

Directory Proxy Server is responsible for the management of the dpsaci attribute. This attribute can be configured along with the physical data but it is not stored with the data. When the dpsaci attribute is included in a request, Directory Proxy Server extracts it from the request and manages it in a dedicated ACI repository, through its own ACI data view.

A modify request that targets a virtual data view and contains the dpsaci attribute is effectively split into two requests by Directory Proxy Server. The first request handles only the virtual data, and the second request handles the virtual ACI.

Note –

By default, write operations are forbidden on non-LDAP data views.