Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Virtual ACI Storage and Access

Virtual ACIs are stored centrally, in an LDIF file or in an LDAP directory. When you create a Directory Proxy Server instance, the virtual ACIs are stored in the LDIF file instance-path /config/access_controls.ldif by default. You can change the location of the virtual ACIs, particularly if you need to share ACIs across multiple proxy servers. For information about how to change the location of virtual ACIs, see To Define a New ACI Storage Repository in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

The ACI repository is accessed through an LDAP or LDIF data view, depending on the type of repository. By default, the access control data view is an LDIF data view named virtual access controls. The view base exposed by the access control data view must exist in the ACI repository.

The ACI repository contains one or more pools of ACIs. An ACI pool is defined by an LDAP entry of the type aciSource, directly below the view base of the data view. The ACI pool is a subtree of entries. It can contain access controls, and can be the parent entry of other entries containing ACIs.