Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Proxy Server Client Listeners

Directory Proxy Server enables you to configure certain aspects of a client connection through a client listener. Two client listeners are provided, a secure listener (ldaps-listener) and a non-secure listener (ldap-listener).

The secure listener specifies that the connection is made to a secure port, over SSL. The non-secure listener specifies that the connection is made to a non-secure port, without SSL. Clients use either the secure listener or the non-secure listener, depending on the type of connection required by that client.

Note –

A client can also establish a secure connection to a non-secure port if the client supports Start TLS.

Both the secure and non-secure listener specify the following aspects of a client connection:


Specifies whether clients are able to use that listener to connect to Directory Proxy Server


The port number on which Directory Proxy Server listens for client connections


The IP address of the listener


The maximum time a client connection can remain idle before being closed


The maximum time that a listener can wait for new data to be available


The maximum time that a listener can wait to send results back to clients


The maximum size of a listener's connection queue


The maximum size of an LDAP message.


The number of threads allocated to a listener to for simultaneous client connections and requests


Whether or not TCP_NODELAY is enabled for connections between a client and Directory Proxy Server

For information about how to configure listeners, see Configuring Listeners Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.