Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Introduction to DSML

Directory Services Markup Language version 2, DSMLv2, is a markup language that describes directory operations in an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) document. For information about the DSMLv2 standard, see Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) v2.0 [OASIS 200201] at

The complete DSMLv2 specification and supporting documentation can be found at the following locations:

Directory Server supports DSMLv2 SOAP over HTTP binding. DSML requests and responses are embedded in the body of SOAP v1.1, and transported in an HTTP/1.1 payload.

The Directory Server Resource Kit contains tools for searching and modifying directories using DSMLv2. See dsmlsearch(1) and dsmlmodify(1).

By using DSML, non-LDAP clients can perform directory operations. The following figure shows an example deployment where a non-LDAP client makes a requests to modify data on DSML-enabled directory servers.

Figure 13–1 Sample DSML-Enabled Directory Deployment

Figure shows an example deployment where a non-LDAP client
makes modification requests to DSML-enabled directory servers.

In the example deployment, update requests in DSML arrive from non-LDAP client applications cross a firewall over HTTP port 80. The web proxy server enforces the use of secure HTTP over port 443 for the requests to cross a second firewall and enter the intranet domain. The requests are then processed by the two master replicas on Master A and Master B, before being replicated to the non-DSML enabled Consumers C and D.