Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Connection Pools Between Directory Proxy Server and Backend LDAP Servers

Connections between Directory Proxy Server and backend LDAP servers are pooled for use with multiple client requests. Each data source can have one pool of SSL connections and one pool of non-SSL connections. The ssl-policy property of the data source and the is-ssl-mandatory property of the connection handler determine whether SSL is used when contacting the data source.

The number of connections that can be opened to a data source can be configured independently for BIND, READ, and WRITE operations. The same limit applies to SSL connections and to non-SSL connections.

The following properties can be configured for each data source and for each type of operation:

When BIND replay is configured, Directory Proxy Server attempts to reuse connections that have already been opened, to optimize performance. If a client opens an authenticated connection, the connection is taken from the BIND pool. Therefore, when BIND replay is used, the connection pool for BIND operations is used more than the connection pools for READ or WRITE operations. For more information about BIND replay, see Directory Proxy Server Configured for BIND Replay.

When a connection to a data source is not used for 5 minutes, the connection is removed from the pool.