Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

LDAP Data Sources

The connections between Directory Proxy Server and backend LDAP servers are configured through LDAP data sources. An LDAP data source identifies the name and port numbers of an LDAP server, and the authentication policy that is applied by Directory Proxy Server when forwarding operations to the LDAP server. LDAP data sources also configures how the LDAP server is monitored.

An LDAP data source can be any LDAP v3 server. Certain advanced functionality of Directory Proxy Server might rely on features that are available only in Oracle's Directory Server, but the configuration of this functionality is optional. For example, the “Get Effective Rights” control in Oracle's Directory Server is used by Directory Proxy Server for proxied authorization.

The health of a backend LDAP server is monitored by testing the connections between Directory Proxy Server and the backend LDAP server. For information about how Directory Proxy Server monitors LDAP data sources, see How Data Sources Are Monitored.

For information about how to create and configure LDAP data sources, see Creating and Configuring LDAP Data Sources in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition.