Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Specifying Non 7-Bit ASCII Characters in Search Filters

Non 7-bit ASCII characters in search filters must be replaced with a representation of the character, where each byte of the UTF-8 encoding is preceded by a backslash. In UTF-8, characters are represented by a hexadecimal code for each byte.

For example, the character é has UTF-8 representation c3a9. Thus, in a search filter, you represent é as \\c3\\a9. So, to search for cn=Véronique Martin:

ldapsearch -h myServer -b "dc=example,dc=com" "(cn=V\\c3\\a9ronique Martin)"

The special characters listed in Table 4–7 must also be represented in this fashion when used in search filters.

Table 4–7 Special Characters in Search Filters

Special character  

Value With Special Character  

Example Filter  







John (2nd)

(cn=John \\282nd\\29)




Escaped Characters in Distinguished Names within Search Filters

When using a DN in any part of Directory Server, you must escape commas and certain other special characters with a backslash (\\). If you are using a DN in a search filter, the backslash used for escaping special characters in DNs must be represented by \\5c. For example:

DN: cn=Julie Fulmer,ou=Marketing\\,Bolivia,dc=example,dc=com

DN in a search filter: ldapsearch -h myServer -b "dc=example,dc=com" "(manager=cn=Julie Fulmer,ou=Marketing\\5c,Bolivia,dc=example,dc=com)"