Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Tracking Operations Between Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server

When Directory Proxy Server starts up, it establishes connections with all the remote servers identified in its configuration. These connections are logged in the Directory Proxy Server access log, and are identified by the field s_conn=server-name:number. The server-name is defined in the Directory Proxy Server configuration and refers to a specific backend server. The number indicates how many connections there have been to this backend server, through the same port.

For example, in the following extract from the Directory Proxy Servers_conn=server-1:1 is the first connection to remote server server-1 through port 59100.

SERVER_OP - INFO - Created connection for BIND s_conn=server-1:1 client=

When this connection is established, the corresponding line in the Directory Server access log shows that the connection from Directory Proxy Server through port 59100 is identified with the connection ID conn=244.

conn=244 op=-1 msgId=-1 - fd=19 slot=19 LDAP connection from to

For the remainder of the life of this connection, server-1:1 in the Directory Proxy Server can be mapped to conn=24 in the Directory Server access log.

This kind of mapping between connections also requires that Directory Proxy Server and the backend Directory Server are synchronized.

Note that a connection from Directory Proxy Server to a backend Directory Server can remain alive for several days. If you rotate logs, either manually or automatically, it might therefore be necessary to access archived log files to trace the operations performed during a connection.