Oracle Fusion Middleware Reference for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Virtual Schema Checking

Directory Proxy Server exposes its own schema that is different to the schema of a physical data source. The Directory Proxy Server schema can be stored locally in an LDIF file, or in a remote Directory Server. You can configure where the schema is stored with the dpconf command. A schema is defined per connection handler. The schema for a specific connection handler can be retrieved or updated using ldapsearch or ldapmodify. When the schema is updated, Directory Proxy Server must be restarted before the changes take effect.

Schema Checking

Generally, schema checking is performed by the server that exposes the schema. In a scenario where Directory Proxy Server acts as a proxy to one or more Directory Servers, the Directory Servers check that add and modify requests adhere to their LDAP schema. When Directory Proxy Server exposes its own schema. Directory Proxy Server must check that add and modify requests adhere to these schema.

Because a schema is defined for a specific connection handler, schema checking is enabled per connection handler. Schema checking is enabled by setting the schemaCheck attribute of a connection handler to true.