Oracle Fusion Middleware Evaluation Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Configuration and Suffix Cloning

A production environment usually includes multiple instances for redundancy and load balancing. In most cases, each of these servers has the same configuration. The DSCC simplifies service management by allowing you to install an instance of the server once and to copy that server's configuration and replication configuration to another instance.

The DSCC enables you to clone an instance or suffix configuration by selecting an existing instance and then cloning either the instance or the suffix configuration to other directory instances.

For example, to simplify the deployment of your replicated topology, you can create a master replication configuration and then propagate it to the other masters in your topology. You can also choose to clone only parts of the configuration, such as the indexes.

The following figure illustrates how you can copy configuration settings from one Directory Server to other servers by using the Copy Directory Server Configuration wizard.

Illustration of the directory server configuration wizard.

The DSCC provides similar wizards for copying suffix configuration or cloning a Directory Proxy Server configuration.