Oracle Fusion Middleware Evaluation Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Overview of the Commands

The DSEE includes the following tools to facilitate command-line management of the server:

On a Solaris package installation, these commands are located in /opt/SUNWdsee7/bin by default.

Some administrative operations, such as starting and stopping a server instance, require a local agent. For the command line, the local agent is the command itself. The dsadm and dpadm commands run locally because they require the server to be offline or they require specific system rights. For example, if you use the dsadm command to change a certificate, the server can be running but the operation needs to be executed by a privileged user.

You can use the DSEE CLI to administer and configure your directory remotely. You can run the dsconf and dpconf commands remotely to create suffixes, server instances, and indexes. These commands use LDAP authentication, so you do not need a local user on your machine, although the server instance itself must be running.