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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for MySQL Guide
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1.  Installing and Configuring HA for MySQL

A.  Deployment Example: Installing MySQL in the Global Zone

B.  Deployment Example: Installing MySQL in the Non-Global HA Container

C.  Deployment Example: Installing MySQL in a Non-Global Zone

Target Cluster Configuration

Software Configuration


Installing and Configuring MySQL on Local Storage in a Non-Global Zone

Example: Preparing the Cluster for MySQL

Example: Configuring the Zone

Example: Configuring Cluster Resources for MySQL

Example: Installing the MySQL Software on Local Storage

Example: Bootstrapping the MySQL Software on Local Storage

Example: Modifying the MySQL Configuration File

Example: Enabling the MySQL Software to Run in the Cluster

D.  Deployment Example: Installing MySQL in a Scalable or Multiple-Master Configuration


Example: Configuring the Zone

In this task you will install the Solaris Container on phys-schost-1 and phys-schost-2. Perform this procedure on both hosts.

  1. On local storage of both cluster nodes, create a directory for the zone root path.

    This example presents a sparse root zone. You can use a whole root zone if that type better suits your configuration.

    phys-schost-1# mkdir /zones
  2. Create a temporary file, for example /tmp/x, and include the following entries:
    create -b
    set zonepath=/zones/clu1
    set autoboot=true
    set pool=pool_default
    add inherit-pkg-dir
    set dir=/lib
    add inherit-pkg-dir
    set dir=/platform
    add inherit-pkg-dir
    set dir=/sbin
    add inherit-pkg-dir
    set dir=/usr
    add net
    set address=zone-1 Choose a different addtress (zone-2) on the second node.
    set physical=hme0
    add attr
    set name=comment
    set type=string
    set value="MySQL cluster zone" Put your desired zone name between the quotes here.
  3. Configure the HA container, using the file you created.
    phys-schost-1# zonecfg -z clu1 -f /tmp/x
  4. Install the zone.
    phys-schost-1# zoneadm -z clu1 install
  5. Log in to the zone.
    phys-schost-1# zlogin -C clu1
  6. Open a new window to the same node and boot the zone.
    phys-schost-1# zoneadm -z clu1 boot
  7. Close this terminal window and disconnect from the zone console.
    phys-schost-1# ~~.