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Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 With StorEdge A1000 Array, Netra st A1000 Array, or StorEdge A3500 System Manual For Solaris OS (SPARC Platform Edition)
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1.  Installing and Maintaining a SCSI RAID Storage Device

Restrictions and Requirements

Installing Storage Arrays

How to Install a Storage Array in a New Cluster

How to Add a Storage Array to an Existing Cluster

Configuring Storage Arrays

How to Create a LUN

How to Delete a LUN

How to Reset the LUN Configuration

How to Correct Mismatched Device ID Numbers

Maintaining Storage Arrays

FRUs That Do Not Require Oracle Solaris Cluster Maintenance Procedures

Sun StorEdge A1000 Array and Netra st A1000 Array FRUs

Sun StorEdge A3500 System FRUs

How to Remove a Storage Array

How to Replace a Failed Controller or Restore an Offline Controller

How to Upgrade Controller Module Firmware

How to Add a Disk Drive

How to Replace a Disk Drive

How to Remove a Disk Drive

How to Upgrade Disk Drive Firmware

How to Replace a Host Adapter

A.  Cabling Diagrams


Restrictions and Requirements

This section includes only restrictions and support information that have a direct impact on the procedures in this chapter. For general support information, contact your Oracle service provider.