Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo Install the OpenSSO Enterprise Utilities and Scripts in the File

  1. Make sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable points to JDK 1.5 or later.

  2. Create a new directory to unzip the file (represented by tools-zip-root in the previous table).

  3. Unzip the file in the new directory.

  4. In the directory where you unzipped the file, run the setup script:

    On Solaris and Linux systems, run the setup script as follows:

    # ./setup

    When you are prompted, enter the path to the OpenSSO Enterprise configuration, log, and debug directories. The configuration directory was specified during the initial configuration using the Configurator. For example: /opensso


    On Windows systems, run the setup.bat script.

Next Steps

You can now run the OpenSSO Enterprise CLI utilities and scripts from the following directory:



For information about the CLI utilities, see the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Reference.

For information about the tuning scripts, see the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Performance and Tuning Guide.