Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Compiling and Running the Client SDK Samples

ProcedureTo Compile and Run the Client SDK Samples

Before You Begin

If you have not already do so, unzip the file, as described in Installing the OpenSSO Enterprise Client SDK.

The Client SDK samples are then available in the opensso-client-zip-root/sdk/source directory, where opensso-client-zip-root is the directory where you unzipped opensso-client-zip-root.

Set your JAVA_HOME environment variable to JDK 1.5 or 1.4, depending on the version of the samples your are using.

Also set your PATH correctly so that the appropriate JDK is used to compile the client SDK samples.

  1. On Solaris and Linux systems, make all shell scripts in the opensso-client-zip-root/sdk/scripts directory executable. For example:

    # cd opensso-client-zip-root/sdk/scripts
    # chmod 755 *.sh
  2. Compile the samples by executing the scripts/ script.


    Note: You can invoke the sample scripts only from the /sdk parent directory and not directly from the /scripts directory.

  3. Run the appropriate setup script for the samples: scripts/ on Solaris and Linux systems or scripts/setup.bat on Windows systems.

    Run the setup script only once for of the all Client SDK samples. The script will setup the file to point to the OpenSSO Enterprise server.

  4. Run individual Client SDK samples by executing the shell or bat scripts in the /scripts directory. For example:

    # scripts/

    Note: At run time, a sample might require additional property files to be setup in the /resources directory. Check the comments included in each individual script for more information.

See Also

For information about writing custom applications after you install the Client SDK, see Chapter 1, Enhancing Remote Applications Using the Client Software Development Kit, in the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Developer’s Guide.