Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Uninstalling OpenSSO Enterprise Server

This scenario applies to a full OpenSSO Enterprise server deployment and an OpenSSO Enterprise server only (no console) deployment.

ProcedureTo Uninstall OpenSSO Enterprise Server

  1. Undeploy opensso.war in the web container using the web container administration console or command-line utility.

  2. Stop the OpenSSO Enterprise web container.

  3. Remove the following directories and all of their contents:

    • ConfigurationDirectory is the directory created when the OpenSSO Enterprise instance is initially configured using the Configurator.

      The default directory is opensso in the home directory of the user running the Configurator. If the Configurator is run by root, ConfigurationDirectory is created in the root home directory (/).

    • user-home-directory.openssocfg where user-home-directory is the home directory of the user who deployed the opensso.war file. If this user is root, the directory is /.openssocfg.

  4. Optionally, remove the and extracted files.


OpenSSO data store port. If the OpenSSO Enterprise server instance was using the OpenSSO data store, the data store port was in use by the LISTEN socket. Stopping the web container server instance or domain should release this port. To check the data store port, use the netstat command. For example, if the OpenSSO data store used default port 50389:

netstat -a | grep 50389

Port 50389 should not be in use for the LISTEN socket. If necessary, release this port.