Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo Load the AMSDK Subschema

  1. In zip-root/opensso/xml/idRepoAmSDK.xml, replace @NORMALIZED_ORGBASE@ with the Directory Server root suffix.

  2. Load the IdRepo subschema using the ssoadm command with the add-sub-schema subcommand. For example:

    # ./ssoadm add-sub-schema -u amadmin -f ./password-file \
    -s sunIdentityRepositoryService -t Organization -F zip-root/opensso/xml/idRepoAmSDK.xml


    -u specifies the administrative user. For example: amadmin

    -f specifies the password file for the administrative user.

    -s specifies the service name. Must be sunIdentityRepositoryService

    -t specifies the schema type. Must be: Organization

    -F specifies the path to the idRepoAmSDK.xml file.