Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an Existing Directory Server With Access Manager 7.x User Data Store

This task describes how to configure an existing Directory Server identity repository that was previously deployed with Access Manager 7.1 or Access Manager 7 2005Q4, in either legacy or realm mode.

  1. Load the following object classes to the Directory Server schema from the fam_sds_schema.ldif file:

    • sunFederationManagerDataStore

    • sunFMSAML2NameIdentifier

    Note: The fam_sds_schema.ldif file also includes the sunIdentityServerLibertyPPService object class. If you don't want to load this object class, comment out the appropriate line before you load the file.

    To load these object classes, use the Directory Server Console, Directory Service Command Center (DSCC), or a command-line utility such as ldapmodify.

  2. Continue with Configuring OpenSSO Enterprise Server .