Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Removing OpenSSO Enterprise Entries From Directory Server

If you used Sun Java System Directory Server as either the configuration data store or user data store, you must manually remove the OpenSSO Enterprise entries.

To remove these entries, use the Directory Server Console, Directory Service Command Center (DSCC), or a command-line utility such as ldapmodify.

ProcedureTo Remove OpenSSO Enterprise Entries From Directory Server

  1. Remove the OpenSSO Enterprise schema and attribute index entries, which are loaded during the OpenSSO Enterprise installation from the following files:

    • am_sm_ds_schema.ldif

    • ds_remote_s1ds_schema.ldif

    • index.ldif

    • fam_sds_schema.ldif

    • fam_sds_index.ldif

  2. If Directory Server is the configuration data store, remove the entire ou=services sub-branch, which is under the root suffix.

  3. Depending on the features you used, remove OpenSSO Enterprise user entries from the user data store.

    For example, federation attributes (sun-fm-saml2-nameid-infokey and sun-fm-saml2-nameid-info) might be added to the user entries if you used SAMLv2 single sign-on (SSO). To determine which entries you need to remove, search the user entries for the schema attributes found in these LDIF files.

    • ds_remote_s1ds_schema.ldif

    • fam_sds_schema.ldif