Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Configuring OpenSSO Enterprise Server

ProcedureTo Configure OpenSSO Enterprise Using the Command-Line Configurator

  1. Make sure your JAVA_HOME environment variable points to JDK 1.5 or later.

  2. Change to the directory where you unzipped the file.

  3. Create a configuration file and set the properties required for your deployment.

    Sun provides the OpenSSO Enterprise server configuration parameters in the sampleconfiguration file. Either edit sampleconfiguration and use it when you run the Configurator, or copy this file and edit the new file.

    See OpenSSO Enteprise Configuration Parameters For the Command-Line Configurator for the properties you can set.

  4. Run the Configurator. For example:

    # java -jar configurator.jar -f configuration-file

    where configuration-file contains the configuration properties you set in the previous step.