Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Post-Deployment Tasks

Using the ssoadm and ampassword Utilities

    The setup script in installs the utilities and scripts. For information, see Chapter 6, Installing the OpenSSO Enterprise Utilities and Scripts.

  1. Before you run the setup script to install the utilities and scripts, modify the setup script. Before -cp ... in the last line, insert:

    -D"amCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE" -D"amKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE"

  2. Before you run ssoadm, add the following items to the ssoadm script:

    • Add xalan.jar to the classpath after openfedlib.jar. For example:


    • Add the following items before com.sun.identity.cli.CommandManager:

      -D"amKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE" -D"amCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE"

  3. Before you run ampassword, add the following items to the ampassword script before

    -D"amCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE" -D"amKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE"