Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo Run the updateschema Script

Before You Begin
  1. Change to the patch-tools/patch directory, where patch-tools is where you unzipped

  2. Run or updateschema.bat.

  3. When the scripts prompts you, provide the following information:

    • Full path to the ssoadm utility (excluding ssoadm itself). For example: /opt/ssotools/opensso/bin

    • amadmin password

    The or updateschema.bat script writes any messages or errors to the standard output.

Next Steps

OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Update Release Configuration Changes. The patched OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 WAR file might have configuration changes that were not in your original WAR file. Any configuration changes, if any, will be documented separately for the patch. Check the patch documentation and the Release Notes for more information about any configuration changes. (The version string in the OpenSSO manifest file will change, even if there are no configuration changes in the new WAR file.)