Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Overview of the ssopatch Utility

The ssopatch utility is a Java command-line utility that is available on Solaris and Linux systems as ssopatch and on Windows systems as ssopatch.bat.

Note –

The syntax for ssopatch in OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 update releases has changed considerably since the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 release. For the new syntax, see Running the ssopatch Utility in this section.

The ssopatch patch utility can perform these functions:

The ssopatch utility uses a manifest file to determine the contents of a specific OpenSSO Enterprise WAR file. A manifest file is an ASCII text file that contains:

The manifest file is usually named OpenSSO.manifest and is stored in the in the META-INF directory of the OpenSSO Enterprise WAR file. The ssopatch utility sends its results to the standard output (stdout). If you prefer, you can capture the ssopatch output by redirecting the output to a file. If ssopatch finishes successfully, it returns a zero (0) exit code. If errors occur, ssopatch returns a non-zero exit code.

Running the ssopatch Utility

To run the ssopatch utility, follow this usage:

ssopatch --help|-? [--locale|-l]

ssopatch --war-file|-o [--manifest|-m] [--locale|-l]

ssopatch --war-file|-o 

where the options are:




Specifies a path to a WAR file (such as opensso.war) that has previously been deployed.


Specifies the path to the manifest file you want to create. The manifest file will be generated from the WAR file indicated by --war-file|-o, if this option is provided.


Specifies a path to a WAR file to compare against the WAR file indicated by --war-file|-o.


Specifies a path to the staging area where the files from an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR will be written. 


Specifies the locale to be used. If this option is not specified, ssopatch uses the default system locale.


Overrides revision checking for the two WAR files. Revision checking determines the versions of the WAR files and continues only if the versions are compatible. This option allows you to override this check. The fefault is false (revision checking is performed). 


Overwrites the files in the existing staging area. The default is false (files are not overwritten).