Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 C API Reference for Application and Web Policy Agent Developers

Code Samples

OpenSSO Enterprise provides code samples that demonstrate how you can use the API to connect C applications to the OpenSSO Enterprise framework. The code samples are:


Demonstrates the basic usage of the authentication API used to login to an instance of OpenSSO Enterprise.


Demonstrates the basic usage of the logging API used to write a message to the OpenSSO Enterprise logs.


Demonstrates the basic usage of the policy API to evaluate access for specified resources.


Demonstrates the basic usage of the SSO API to perform session operations.


Demonstrates how to use the policy API to build a web agent for the Apache Web Server.

Caution – Caution –

This is a sample web agent and is not intended to serve as a web agent in a real deployment.


Makefile for building the sample agent.


Provides detailed instructions for building and executing sample programs.

Note –

am_web_agent_test.c, referred to in this file, is no longer used.