Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 C API Reference for Application and Web Policy Agent Developers


This function takes the following parameters:


The identifier of the logging module.


The level to which the logging module will be set. Each module has an associated level that defines the amount of detail that will be logged. Possible values are defined in the following enumeration. The default value is AM_LOG_INFO.

typedef enum am_log_level {
    AM_LOG_ALWAYS = -1, /* always logged */
    AM_LOG_NONE,	/* never logged, typically used to turn off a module */
    AM_LOG_ERROR,	/* used for error messages */
    AM_LOG_WARNING,	/* used for warning messages */
    AM_LOG_INFO,	/* used for informational messages */
    AM_LOG_DEBUG,	/* used for debug messages */
    AM_LOG_MAX_DEBUG,    /* used for more detailed debug messages */
    AM_LOG_AUTH_REMOTE = 128, /* logged deny and/or allow */
} am_log_level_t;