Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 C API Reference for Application and Web Policy Agent Developers


<am_notify.h> contains the am_notify() function which parses and processes a session or policy notification message as an XML string. If the message is a session notification, any token handle listeners registered using am_sso_add_listener() will be called. If the message is a policy notification, the internal policy cache maintained by the policy module in the C SDK will be updated with the notification information only if the policy module has been initialized (using am_policy_init() and am_policy_service_init()).

am_notify() Syntax

#include "am_notify.h"
AM_EXPORT am_status_t 
am_notify(const char *xmlmsg, 
          am_policy_t policy_handle);

am_notify() Parameters

This function takes the following parameters:


Pointer to the XML message containing the notification.


Reference to the policy evaluation object.

am_notify() Returns

This function returns one of the following values of the am_status_t enumeration (defined in the <am_types.h> header file):


If the XML was successfully parsed and processed.


If any input parameter is invalid.


If an error occurred parsing the XML.


If an error occurred dispatching the listener.


If any other error occurred.