Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

Session Upgrade

The Authentication Service allows for the upgrade of a valid session based on a second, successful authentication performed by the same user. If a user with a valid session attempts to authenticate to a second resource secured under the realm to which he is currently authenticated, and this second authentication request is successful, the Authentication Service updates the session with the new properties based on the new authentication. If the authentication fails, the current user session is returned without an upgrade. If the user with a valid session attempts to authenticate to a resource secured in a different realm, the user will receive a message asking whether the user would like to authenticate to the new realm. The user can choose to maintain the current session, or can attempt to authenticate to the new realm. Successful authentication will result in the old session being destroyed and a new one being created. For more information, see Upgrading Sessions in Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Guide.

Note –

Successful authentication for session upgrade does not necessarily destroy the previous session. If the subsequent AuthContext object is created with the constructor AuthContext(SSOToken ssoToken, boolean forceAuth) when forceAuth is set to true, the existing session will be used and a new session will not be created.