Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

Log File Types: Error and Access

Access log files and error log files are the two types of log files used in OpenSSO Enterprise. Access log files record general auditing information concerning the OpenSSO Enterprise deployment. An access log may contain a single record for an event (such as a successful authentication), or multiple records for the same event. For example, when an administrator uses the console to change an attribute value, the Logging Service logs the attempt to change in one record but, it also logs the results of the execution of the change in a second record. Error log files record errors that occur within the application. While an operation error is recorded in the error log, the operation attempt is recorded in the access log file.

Flat log files are appended with the .error or .access extension. Database column names end with _ERROR or _ACCESS. For example, a flat file logging console events is named amConsole.access while a database column logging the same events is named AMCONSOLE_ACCESS or amConsole_access.

Note –

The period (.) separator in a log filename is converted to an underscore (_) in database formats. Also in databases, table names may be converted to all upper case. For example, amConsole.access may be converted to AMCONSOLE_ACCESS, or it may be converted to amConsole_access.