Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Technical Overview

Access Manager Repository Plug-in

The Access Manager Repository can reside only in Sun Java System Directory Server and is used with the Sun Directory Server With Access Manager Schema. During installation, the repository is created in the same instance of Sun Java System Directory Server that holds the configuration data. The Access Manager Repository Plug-in is designed to work with Sun Java System Directory Server as it makes use of features specific to the server including roles and class of service. It uses a DIT structure similar to that of previous versions of Access Manager.

Note –

This is no longer provided out of the box and many pieces are marked for deprecation. The Access Manager Repository is compatible with previous versions of Access Manager.

When you configure an instance of Access Manager in realm mode for the first time, the following occurs:

Note –

The Java Enterprise System installer does not set up an Access Manager Repository when you configure an Access Manager instance in legacy mode. Legacy mode requires an identity repository that is mixed with the Access Manager information tree under a single directory suffix.