Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

Internationalization Issues

4090: Non-English entitlements are garbled

Workaround: To view the localized entitlements, which are provided in .txt format, use a browser with the encoding specified for each locale in the browser as follows:

4051: Multi-byte trusted partner name is garbled in Console

In the OpenSSO Console, if you go to Federation > SAML1.x Configuration, and then create a new Trusted Partner with a multi-byte Name in the Common Settings section, the trusted partner name is garbled.

3993: End user page shows question marks for CCK and JA locales

On the Geronimo web container in CCK and JA locales, if you log in as a user other than amadmin, the Access Control, realm, General, EndUser page (http://host:port/deployuri/idm/EndUser) shows question marks.

3976: Online Help “Tips on Searching” shows 404 error in non-English locale

If you log in to the OpenSSO Console in a non-English locale such as French, click Help, and then “Tips on Searching”, the right Help panel shows a 404 error.

Workaround. To view “Tips on Searching” in English, set the browser language to English and then refresh the online Help window

3766: encode.jsp and ampassword -e differ with multi-byte (non-ASCII) characters

If a password file contain multi-byte (non-ASCII) characters, the ampassword utility does not return the correct encrypted value. However, encode.jsp does return the correct value.

Workaround. If you are using ampassword, use a password file that contain only ASCII characters. If the password contains multi-byte characters, use encode.jsp to encrypt the password:

  1. Log in to the OpenSSO Admin Console as amadmin.

  2. Specify the following URL:

  3. When you are prompted, enter the password and click Encode.

  4. Copy the encrypted password.

3763: Some non-ASCII characters are garbled when the web container is in C locale

If you start the web container in the C locale and set your browser to a language such as French, after you log in to the Admin Console, some characters are garbled.

3713: Password reset page is not localized for CCJK locales

For CCJK locales, the password reset page (http://host:port/deployuri/password) is not localized.

3590: Change location for dounix_msgs.po files

The dounix_msgs.po files for the Unix authentication module have not been translated because the Unix authentication module will not be included in a future OpenSSO Enterprise release. See Deprecation Notifications and Announcements.

1793: Authentication fails with multi-byte character for org or module in query parameter

If you try to log in to the OpenSSO Console using the org or module parameter with characters that are not UTF-8, the login fails. For example: http://host:port/deployuri/UI/Login?module=Japanese-string&gx_charset=UTF-8

Workaround. Use UTF-8 URLencoding characters such as %E3%81%A6 instead of native characters.