Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

Hardware Requirements For OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

Table 17 Hardware Requirements For OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0




Prototype or developer deployment: 1 GB 

Production deployment: 4 GB recommended 

Disk space 

For OpenSSO Enterprise server with console, server only, or console only deployment: 

  • Server: 512 MB for OpenSSO Enterprise binary files and configuration data

  • Log files: 7 GB for log files, including container log files

For client SDK deployment: 

  • Client SDK: 100 MB minimum

  • Log files: 5 GB recommended for debug logs, if debug level ( is set to message

Considerations for log files: The log file requirements depend on the actual production load and can be adjusted accordingly. The disk space requirements are based on the default 100 MB log file size, with one history file per log file type. Several considerations are:

  • Delete the debug log files periodically, especially if the debug level is set to message.

  • Check the .access and .error logs periodically in the logs directory for their size and contents.

  • Consider configuring the log rotation to delete the oldest log files.