Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

4079: ssoadm import-svc-cfg command fails when using Directory Server as the configuration data store

Sometimes the import-svc-cfg subcommand fails because OpenSSO Enterprise cannot delete nodes in the Service Manager data store. The following scenarios can cause this problem:

  1. Configure OpenSSO Enterprise using a remote Sun Java System Directory Server as the configuration data store.

  2. Export the service XML file by using the ssoadm export-svc-cfg command.

  3. Re-import the service XML data obtained in Step 2 using the ssoadm import-svc-cfg command.

  4. When you are asked to delete the existing data, choose yes.

    The following error message is returned: Unexpected LDAP exception occurred.

Workaround. Re-execute the ssoadm import-svc-cfg command until it succeeds.