Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

CR 6891373: New Properties Support POST Data Preservation With Sticky Sessions

In the 3.0–01 release, new properties support POST data preservation with sticky sessions configured. If you are using POST data preservation with a load balancer deployed in front of the agent, set the following properties for sticky sessions:

Important: For a sticky session to be set, you must set both of these properties correctly (and not to null).

These new properties are in the file. Set these properties depending on the location of your agent's configuration repository. If the repository is local to the agent's host server, edit the agent's file.

If the agent's configuration repository is centralized, use the OpenSSO Console:

  1. Log in to the OpenSSO Administration Console.

  2. Click Access Control, realm-name, Agents, Web, web-agent-name, and then Advanced.

  3. Under Custom Properties, add both new properties with their corresponding values.

  4. Click Save.