Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Release Notes

Issue 5633: New property is added to reset session idle time for not-enforced URLs

Version 3.0–01 Java EE agents include the following new property to specify whether the session idle timeout should be reset after a user with a valid session accesses a URL in the not-enforced list:


Values for this property can be:

Set this property depending on the location of the agent's configuration repository. If the repository is local to the agent's host server, add the property to the agent's file and restart the OpenSSO server instance.

If the agent's configuration repository is centralized, use the OpenSSO Administration Console as follows:

  1. Log in to the OpenSSO Administration Console.

  2. Click Access Control, realm-name, Agents, J2EE, j2ee-agent-name, and then Advanced.

  3. Under Custom Properties, add the new property with its corresponding value.

  4. Click Save.