Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Guide


dsameuser (cn=dsameuser,ou=DSAME Users,dc=opensso,dc-java,dc=net) binds to the embedded configuration data store when the OpenSSO SDK performs operations on it that are not linked to a particular user (for example, retrieving service configuration information).

After installation, it is recommended that you change the password for dsameuser. Do not use the same password that was set for amadmin or amldapuser. To change the password, use the ampassword utility with the --admin (or -a) option. (This option does not change the amadmin password.) If OpenSSO is deployed on multiple host servers, change the password in the embedded configuration data store and the local serverconfig.xml file on the first server as documented using ampassword. For each additional server, encrypt the new password using ampassword with the --encrypt (or -e) option and swap the new encrypted password with the old in the serverconfig.xml file manually. Restart each OpenSSO web container after the modification.