Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Reference


Set the boolean values of the attribute schema.


ssoadm set-attr-bool-values --options [--global-options]


--servicename, -s

The name of the service.

--schematype, -t

The type of schema.

--attributename, -a

The name of the attribute.

--truevalue, -e

The value for true.

--truei18nkey, -k

The internationalization key for the true value.

--falsevalue, -z

The value for false.

--falsei18nkey, -j

The internationalization key for the false value.

--adminid, -u

The administrator ID running the command.

--password-file, -f

The filename that contains the password of the administrator.

[--subschemaname, -c]

The name of the sub schema.