Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Integration Guide

Simple Single Sign-On Use Case

Simple single sign-on integration is useful when an Oracle Access Manager instance is already deployed and configured to protect intranet enterprise applications. Additionally, OpenSSO Enterprise is deployed to protect the same intranet applications by honoring the user session obtained by Oracle Access Manager. In the following illustration, both OpenSSO Enterprise and Oracle Access Manager share the same user repository for user profile verification. OpenSSO Enterprise can also be configured to use the Ignore Profile option if it relies on the Oracle Access Manager session for attributes.

The following figure illustrates architecture in the simple single sign-on use case.

Figure 3–1 Simple Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On

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The following figure illustrates the process flow among components in the Identity Provider environment and Service Provider environment.

Figure 3–2 Process Flow for Simple Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On

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