Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for J2EE Agents

Policy Agent Software: Path and Directory Names

The Policy Agent software documentation uses the terms listed in the table that follows to represent default path and directory names.

Table P–5 Default Paths and Directory Names for Policy Agent Software




This place holder represents the directory you choose in which to unpack the Policy Agent binaries. 


This place holder represents the directory that holds all the agent-specific information. The path for this directory includes information that helps specify that particular agent. Therefore, the path information varies for each agent. While the following J2EE agent directory is agent specific, it merely serves as an example: 


If you are configuring an agent other than the one shown in the preceding example, PolicyAgent-base will represent a different path, but the general structure of the path will be the same.


This place holder represents the directory that holds all the information that is specific to an agent installation. Therefore, the PolicyAgent-base directory holds all the information related to a specific agent. However, if you install that same agent more than once in the same location, each installation has information specific to that installation. That specific information is held in the AgentInstance-Dir directory. For example:


where AgentInstance-Dir refers to an agent instance directory, which is usually similar to the following: Agent_001.