Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for J2EE Agents

Interaction Between Policy Agent 3.0 and OpenSSO Enterprise Services

This section shows how J2EE agents and web agents interact with OpenSSO Enterprise Services.

The figure that follows applies to web agents and J2EE agents. At this level, the agent types are the same in what they accomplish, even though at a deeper level the methods used vary to some degree.

Figure A–1 Policy Agent Interaction with OpenSSO Enterprise Services

This figure illustrates how Policy Agentinteracts
with the OpenSSO Enterprise services.

A key point is that the agent must interact continuously with various OpenSSO Enterprise services. The interactions that take place between Policy Agent and OpenSSO Enterprise are not covered in detail in Policy Agent documentation. For a more information on such interactions, see Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 Administration Guide.