Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for J2EE Agents

Modes of Operation

J2EE agents provide more modes of operation than do web agents. These modes are basically methods for evaluating and enforcing access to resources. You can set the mode according to your site's security requirements. For example, the SSO_ONLY mode is a less restrictive mode. This mode uses only OpenSSO Enterprise Authentication Service to authenticate users who attempt to access a protected resource.

Some of the modes such as SSO_ONLY and URL_POLICY are also achievable with web agents, whereas other modes of operation such as J2EE_POLICY and ALL modes do not apply to web agents. For web agents, by default, SSO_ONLY and URL_POLICY modes are both on. If you want only SSO set, enable the property labeled SSO Only Mode (Tab: Global, Name: com.sun.identity.agents.config.sso.only).

For both J2EE agents and web agents, the modes can be set in OpenSSO Enterprise Console.

In the J2EE_POLICY and ALL modes of operation, J2EE agents enforce J2EE declarative policies as applicable for the protected application.