Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for J2EE Agents

J2EE Agent Properties That Are List Constructs

Certain J2EE properties are specified as lists. Knowledge of the format of these list constructs is often not required in order to set them. For example when you configure the properties using OpenSSO Enterprise Console, you do not interact with the “<key>[<index>] = <value>” formatting involved with list constructs. However, if you use OpenSSO Enterprise Console to set a list, though the formatting information provided in this section is not applicable, the general information about lists is useful.

See the following table to determine when the list construct format is required to set this property.

Table 4–1 Use of the List Construct Format: Required or Not

Method for Setting Properties

Location of Agent Configuration

Knowledge of List Construct Format Required

Using the OpenSSO Enterprise Console 

Centralized agent configuration 


Using the ssoadm command-line utility

Centralized agent configuration 


Using the file

Local agent configuration 


A list construct has the following format (Does not apply when the OpenSSO Enterprise Console is used):

<key>[<index>] = <value>

The configuration key (name of the configuration property)


A positive number starting from 0 that increments by 1 for every value specified in this list.


One of the values specified in this list

Note –

Properties that are specified in this manner must follow the preceding format, otherwise they will be treated as invalid or missing properties.

More than one property can be specified for this key by changing the value of <index>. This value must start from the number 0 and increment by 1 for each entry added to this list.

If certain indices are missing, those indices are ignored and the rest of the specified values are loaded at adjusted list positions.

Duplicate index values result in only one value being loaded in the indexed or adjusted indexed position.

Example 4–2 Example of J2EE Agent Properties That Are List Constructs