Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 User's Guide for J2EE Agents

ProcedureTo Create an Agent Authenticator To Access Other Agent Profiles

This task details how to use OpenSSO Enterprise Console to create an agent authenticator.

Before You Begin

The instructions that follow start with the assumption that OpenSSO Enterprise server and at least one agent instance have been properly installed and configured.

  1. Log in to OpenSSO Enterprise Console as a user with AgentAdmin privileges, such as amadmin.

  2. Click the Access Control tab.

  3. Click the name of the appropriate realm, such as the following: /(Top Level Realm).

  4. Click the Agents tab.

  5. Click on Agent Authenticator tab.

  6. Click the New button.

  7. Enter an agent authenticator name and password.

  8. Click the Create button.

  9. On the Agent Authenticator page, click the link for the newly created agent authenticator.

    The agent authenticator page is displayed. In the section labeled "Agent Profiles allowed to Read," two lists exist: Available and Selected. The Available list has all the available agents in the system, and the Selected list has all the agents whose configurations can be read by this agent authenticator.

  10. From the available list, select one or more agent profile names.

    The agent authenticator can access any of the various agent types. Select all the agent profiles to which you would like the agent authenticator to have access.

  11. Click Add to move the selected item from the Available list to the Selected list.

  12. Click Save.